Slag-Forming Mixtures (SFM) used for steel casting on continuous casting machines (CCM) should perform the following functions: protection of the metal mirror from air influence and oxidation, thermal insulation of the metal, assimilation of non-metallic inclusions infiltrating to the metal mirror, ensuring uniform heat removal from the ingot to the crystallizer, as well as an improvement in the surface of continuously cast billets as a result of the formation of a lubricating layer between the ingot shell and the crystallizer.

Heat-Insulating Mixtures


Heat insulation mixture (abbr. HIS) is used in the metallurgical industry for thermal insulation of the melted metal surface, the mixture is evenly distributed on the surface of the metal in steel ladle, does not involved into chemical reaction with refractory materials of the lining.

Monolithic concrete lance for cast iron desulphurization


Today a very important and promising direction in the refractory industry is production of large-sized products. Specialists of our company developed and introduced the technology of producing the desulfurization lances of cast iron in transport blast-furnace ladles of the "Azovstal" steel plant. The process of desulphurisation at the metallurgical plant was developed by the Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy and it is a kind of unique, which has no analogues in the territory of Ukraine and, probably, Europe, because this process based on injection of granulated magnesium by a special lance with evaporation chamber.

KFP Lance


On the new production site (for large shaped refractory products) of LLC "Fematec-Ukraine" produced a pilot lot of KFP lances for purging of argon in molten liquid metal on the ladle furnace unit (LF), as well as injection of special additives and powder materials.

Ladle nozzle and collector nozzle


One of the main activities of the Fematec Group of Companies is production of Gate Ceramics: ladle nozzle, collector nozzle (in metal shell), sliding plate. We achieved the best results in terms of price / quality in the production of corundum based shaped refractory products. Gate ceramics, produced by Fematec Company, has high heat resistance, resistance to oxidation and erosion, stable operating performance, and long lifetime.

Dosing and mixing system of raw materials


New system of dosing and weighing of raw materials installed and started up into the testing operation mode on new production site of Fematec-Ukraine Ltd. This system will operate in district of large-size shaped refractories produced by the vibrating method. The main purpose of this project - to observe programmed proportion of quantity of raw material for feeding into the mixer. Also we can increase the speed of dosing and mixing, to exclusion the "hand made" work and, as a result, exclusion of human factor.

Jobs, Training and Career


Group of Fematec Companies is rapidly developing, innovative and successful partner in the refractory industry. As a group of companies from the same industry, we develop for our customers and in cooperation with them the best combination of product in quality and price, we provide engineering services and another kind of services. To maintain this position we are looking for motivated and dedicated employees.